Create a kml file with Viking

There is the possibility to create one marker and display it with the WP OSM Plugin. If you want to display several markers in a map you should keep these markers in a file and manage them separate. This can be done with:

  • text file that uses tabs to format
  • text file that uses the KML standard

A great tool to create and manage such KML files is the free tool Viking. It’s absed on layers and let’s you export an layer as KML file. The steps to create an KML file for visualisation are:

* install Viking on your system

Viking to create and modify KML files.

* load the OpenStreetMap layer (green plus):

Viking to create and modify KML files.
Viking to create and modify KML files.

* Create a TrackWayPointLayer for your markers (again green plus):

* Set your marker in the layer (button with green plus and blue flag).

* Export the layer as KML file

Export KML file

* Open the KML file in a text editor and replace the icons (all png addresses) to:

or any other icon from this list.

* Add the KML file in your map: