OSM Plugin V5.7 shows map with geotag

The WordPress OpenStreetMap Plugin OSM is released as V5.7 – beside some bugfixes it brings the functionality to show a map of the geotag saved to the post / page. Up to version 5.6 you could generate only shortcode to show all geotagged posts / pages – now there is “this post / page” in the dropdown field which shows a map only with an icon at the location of the recent post / page.

[osm_map_v3 map_center="0,0" zoom="5" width="100%" height="450" tagged_type="actual" marker_name="mic_black_pinother_02.png" map_border="thin solid grey" tagged_color="black"]

The zoom level is set to 5, but you can adjust it to your needs.

Did you know there is also a widget to show the geotag of the current post / page?

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